Mobile PIM at Randa

  I am sure you heard about Plasma Mobile by now. Plasma Active was the reason I joined KDE three years ago and I am happy that the journey to Free Software on multiple form factors and devices continues. Checking my mail is among the most common things I do on my phone. Plasma Mobile needs a kick ass mail application if it wants to be a viable alternative. I do mail stuff with QML. There was really only one conclusion. 🙂




What you see in those pictures is a UI written with QtQuick Components that gets dummy data from a QML plugin. It is the first draft of what is to become a mail application for phones based on a future iteration of Akonadi (Akonadi Next).  I will attend the Randa meeting next month and hope to push this project forward while I am there.

On my list of things to do are:

  • getting this on a Plasma Phone
  • hooking the qml plugin into AkonadiNext
  • working on the visual and interaction design with the VDG
  • creating a vision and a name for the baby

Developer sprints like the one in Randa are massively important for KDE. They enable us developers to get lots of work done and coordinate things for the future. The most important aspect of it is probably the boost of motivation one gets from attending a sprint and meeting fellow developers in person. We would like to hold more sprints in the future, but we need the funds for it. As developers we already donate our free time and skills to produce something you probably enjoy. Please consider donating a little money to our fundraiser so we can push KDE Software to the world of mobile devices and more.

3 responses to “Mobile PIM at Randa

  1. mcorteel

    This looks great! I can’t wait to use plasma mobile when it’s usable on the Fairphone 2 (wink wink). Is there a project to contact the Fairphone team to build a plasma mobile version?
    The mail view would be better with less margin around the content though.

    • There is some personal contact between fairphone and the plasma people as far as I remember. Keep in mind though that Plasma Mobile is a very early tech preview. It will take some time to be a viable alternative but we will get there.

      I have to agree with you on the margins. I will sort that out with the VDG at Randa.

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